Quality English Editing
Planet Editing’s quality English editing service is designed for both non-native and native English speakers. Experienced science writers review and edit your manuscript for grammar, spelling and other language errors, so your ideas are communicated clearly.

Every paper comes with a letter verifying the paper has been edited for English errors by a professional scientific English editor.

Translation Services

Planet Editing specializes in academic and scientific translations. We will match your paper with an expert translator in your field to ensure accurate translation of concept, terminology, and research impact.

Translation Process:

Submit paper for translation
Planet Editing assigns translator
Translator confirms needs with author
Proofreading of manuscript by subject expert
Return manuscript to author for submission

Formatting Service
Planet Editing can ensure your paper is formatted to specific journal guidelines for authors including:

  • Titles
  • Citations
  • References
  • Word-limits
  • Figures and Tables
IELTS Test Preparation Service and Forum
Planet Editing offers an IELTS Test Preparation Forum and IELTS essay correction for both academic and general IELTS writing. This service is designed to improve your IELTS listening, speaking, reading, and writing scores.

  1. Forum provides sample questions, answers, and discussion of IELTS testing in all four language skills.
  2. The forum also provides understanding of how the test can be helpful for migration, academic entry, or finding work.
  3. The essay correction service provides feedback on:
  • Essay structure,
  • Vocabulary usage,
  • Grammar and,
  • Cohesion.

Subject Experts

Planet editing assigns your paper to an expert in your area of study. The paper is edited according to your needs and then proofread a second time before being returned.

Planet Editing’s Quality Assurance Letter

Planet Editing will provide a quality assurance letter so that publishers can be confident your document has been professionally edited for language errors, formatting, and journal appropriate style.

Reviewer Response

Once a paper has been submitted to a journal and has been through the peer review process, Planet Editing will assist with your reviewer response letters to ensure successful publication.


Planet Editing guarantees the quality of its service. Should you paper be returned with reviewer comments stating the English needs revision, Planet Editing will do the revisions for free and edit the next paper for free also.