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      Paragraph One (Introduction)
      • Sentence One: A hook. This is an interesting sentence that introduces the topic without stating your main point. Example: “Censorship of the media has emerged as one of the most discussed issues of the modern era.”
      • Sentence Two: Your main idea. Example: “I strongly agree that it is never appropriate for the government to engage in media censorship.”
      • Sentence Three: A transition. Example: “I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.”

      Advances in technology and automation have reduced the need for manual labour. (opinion)Therefore, working hours should be reduced.
      To what extent do you agree or disagree?

      Level 8
      There is no doubt that modern advances in technology, especially automation, has led to a decreased need for manual labour. However, I don’t think that it necessarily follows hours worked are going to be reduced; in fact, technology has led to increased working hours in my opinion. I hold this opinion for two main reasons, which I will examine below.

      Level 5
      Some people say modern machines and automatic equipment are taking peoples’ jobs. However, I don’t think this is really true. In my opinion, modern technology is creating more jobs than it is destroying. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will present in this essay.

      Paragraph Two (Body)
      • A topic sentence that clearly states your first main reason.
      • One or two general sentences about this reason
      • A real-world example of this reason.
      • A conclusion (paraphrase your main point).

      Level 8
      My first reason is that modern technology has made it possible for employees to do office work which could previously only have been done in the confines of an office. For example, your typical office worker, who in the past had to commute to work, can use the Internet and a suite of software to do the same activities that prior to the advent of the Internet could only be done on a computer in his office. In a growingly competitive world, most employees feel compelled to work from home to protect their jobs. They may do much more than eight hours a day.

      Level 5
      Firstly, modern technology such as the Internet allows people to do office work at home. For example, these days, office clerks can check their emails, use Windows office, and do spread sheets on their home computers so they can do some of their daily work at home. They are also easy to contact by smart phone. Therefore, it is difficult for people to escape work. Because of globalization the world is more competitive and many office works are afraid of losing their jobs so they work very hard.

      Paragraph Three (Body)
      • A topic sentence that clearly states your second main reason.
      • One or two general sentences about this reason.
      • A transition Example: “My personal experience is a good example of this.”
      • A personal example from your life which illustrates your point (one or two sentences)

      Level 8

      The second reason relates to new technology opening up a world of opportunities in services to and within the technology sector. These days, information technology has created a great many opportunities for people to work online offering services to people all over the world from online product sales and delivery systems to news services and blog sites rating products. My life is a good example. For instance, I use the Internet to offer writing services to people in Asia. This wouldn’t have been possible without modern technology.

      Level 5
      Secondly, I think new technology has created many new work opportunities. People have the chance to work online. They can sell things on sites like ebay, make interesting youtube videos and earn money from advertising or even design apps. My life is a good example. For instance, I use the Internet to help people in Asia publish their research. Twenty years ago, no one could do that kind of work from Australia.

      Paragraph Four (conclusion)
      • A one sentence restatement of your point. Example: “In conclusion, I strongly believe…”
      • A paraphrase of your reasons. Example: “This is because REASON ONE and REASON TWO.”

      Level 8

      It is my opinion that new technology and automation will not reduce working hours. Actually, if anything such technologies will lead to an increase in the amount of hours that people work because in many cases they facilitate work and have created more work opportunities. I think this trend will only increase.

      Level 5

      In conclusion, I think people are working more than before because of modern technology and automation. Modern technology has allowed people to do their office work at home and also created many opportunities for different types of jobs or ways to make money. I think this will continue in the future.

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