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    Hi Daniel, a question about prepositions.
    Which is correct: I got 8 in speaking (IELTS Test), or I got 8 for speaking?
    Thank you. Have a good one!

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    They are both correct. The meaning is slightly different, although they communicate the same general idea.

    Statement 1
    a: How did you go to the beach?
    b: We went in a car.

    Statement 2
    a: How did you go to the beach?
    b: We went by car.

    Statement 1 focuses on the car as a thing with four walls, a roof, doors, and seats.

    Statement 2 focuses on the form of transportation e.g., bus, train, bike, car

    The end result is the same i.e.: You took a car.

    ‘in’ is used to describe your position within a space; however, it is also used for ‘participation’, ’embroiled’, etc.

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    Hi Dan, thank you very much for your clear explanation. However, it seems for me that “by car” is an expected answer for this particular question, as I feel that the question focuses on which transportation was used. What do you think?

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